why TRASH tahoe

Simply Put, We Shall Improve Lake Tahoe. That is Our Mission.
We are a team of individuals dedicated to the permanent and immediate improvement of Lake Tahoe at all times in every way. not by dictating thoughts, but inspiring new ones. Hence why a question was chosen as our organization's name, direct statement campaigns tailored towards environmental efforts rarely result in the intended goal because individuals and other groups will act out against the message simply to be rebellious. Telling a free nation of citizens how to behave often has the opposite effect.

Research Books

Knowledge is Power, So We Shall Provide Free Knowledge
We want to document every piece of Lake Tahoe knowledge ever recorded and make it publicly available for everyone to study. It's one of our biggest goals. When nearly all truthful and accurate knowledge of Lake Tahoe is acquired and shared freely for everyone to study and collaborate on putting well focused and carefully calculated thoughts into action naturally follows.

For Example, the Tahoe Keys Used To Be The Truckee Marsh
1983 Map ‚ÄĘ 1923 Map

Friends and Firefighters Working on Streams

We shall accomplish strong friendships and community
There is both power and strength in numbers, when combined with truth, knowledge and laser like focus our community can accomplish anything and everything necessary towards the immediate and positive advancement of Lake Tahoe.

We Shall Skillfully Execute Simple And Effective Plans Together
When knowledge is readily available, understood and combined with a professional team anything and everything is possible.

Nothing is impossible only what we perceive as impossible.

what Projects why trash tahoe is doing now

Priscilla Retrieving a Plastic Bag

Persistent progress on trash pickups, we've collected, documented and removed over 30,000 pieces of trash in Lake Tahoe.
Learn more at our cleanups page

Research and dissemination of knowledge, learn more at our knowledge page.

Making friends, bettering ourselves and Lake Tahoe. What is most important to you? No matter how big or small, every victory is necessary to the positive and immediate advancement of Lake Tahoe at all times in every way. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or would like to help us.