Best Places to Trash
Lake Tahoe

Literally anywhere and everywhere. Lake Tahoe is far too impossible to micro manage over every square foot/meter in the entire basin. We've found trash all the way dating back to the 1920's

Dump your trash in the lake like original gangsters once did to cover up their less than appealing activities then later dump it in the woods. It'll take months if not years until someone finds it. We'll eventually pick it up. But that isn't the point... We're not going to lecture you as to why you shouldn't trash Tahoe, we're simply going to ask "why?" to ourselves, and not to your face...People make mistakes, some people party and need to let go. We're here to inspire, nagging you like an old timer won't advance anything, but rather cause the opposite to occur.


To be clear (as the waters of Lake Tahoe on a sunny day), this post is *satire*. It's our funny way of addressing a serious issue - improper trash disposal in Lake Tahoe. Illegally dumping trash is not only harmful to our environment and disrespectful to all living creatures inhabiting Tahoe, it's also, well, illegal (If law enforcement even decides to enforce it, they often don't so trash away)

Did We Get Your Attention Yet?