the sled situation

Abandoned sleds in the Lake Tahoe basin create unnecessary trash which contributes microplastics into many different areas which can affect lifeforms, sensitive environmental zones and Lake Tahoe itself.
ÔÇŹFull video of all sleds we collected in under a year

2019 Tacoma Full of Sleds

One sled can become over 1000 pieces.

Which is why it's important to collect sleds immediately to prevent such an incident from occurring. Plastic sleds are cheaply designed and break easily. When this occurs

When heavy winters occur, plastic sleds can be buried under a layer of snow and as snowfall accumulates over the submerged sled. Cracking can often occur which leads to the sled breaking into smaller pieces.

more about sleds:

It is our goal in the near future, to have a thoroughly written paper on how to mitigate and eventually end plastic sled waste as a whole...

For now, we'll state this:

- Banning Sleds Isn't a Solution
- Bullying Retailers To Not Sell Plastic Sleds Isn't a Solution
- Harassing and/or Lecturing People To Pick Up Their Sleds Isn't a Solution

We still have most of our sleds, we want to do something with it all.... Just haven't figured it out yet. We're free to discuss these with anyone if you would like to provide feedback or collaborate with us.